Xiaojia Gong

/Patent Agent
Professional fields
Patent Drafting, Patent Analysis, Patent Search
Technical fields
Electronics, Mechanics
Ms. Gong is a patent agent who holds a Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation from Henan University of Science and Technology. Prior to joining Kangxin, she worked as a mechanical research and development engineer in the industry, primarily focusing on the development of circuit breakers and isolating switches. With seven years of experience in the development of distribution products, she possesses a deep understanding of mechanical and electrical knowledge. Since joining Beijing, Ms. Gong has been mainly engaged in patent searching and analysis. She has participated in multiple patent search and analysis projects and has also been involved in patent drafting. She has solid patent knowledge and extensive project experience.
Education and experience
  • 2006 Graduated from Henan University of Science and Technology, obtaining a Bachelor's degree.
  • 2009 Graduated from Henan University of Science and Technology, majoring in Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, and obtained a Master of Engineering degree.
  • 2009 Joined Beijing KERUI Distribution Automation Co., Ltd.
  • 2016 Joined Kangxin Partners P.C.
  • 2018 - Obtained PMP (Project Management Professional) certification from the Project Management Institute in the United States
Honors and awards
Published articles