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Product R&D technology support
date: 2017-12-22

    A Shandong company plans to research and develop a new product. To protect the quality of R&D, improve its effectiveness, while at the same time creating an exceptional product, the company entrusted Kangxin to investigate and research related existing global patents and non-patent information. Through technical analysis to determine the realities of the industry and the needs for R&D, we determined how to best secure this new technology in the industry.

    Following the process and direction of R&D closely by maintaining contact with technical experts, by targeting research and analysis at specific obstacles faced by technicians, and by referencing patent and non-patent literature, we are able to provide global solutions for technicians to quickly and effectively continue the research and development process.

    We helped the business refine their patent layout by summarizing technical solutions developed by technical staff, including abandoned, alternative, and final solutions, as well as by assessing the solutions’ creativity and novelty.

    Finally, at the time of successful completion of R&D and patent layout, the company was pleased with the results and decided to expand this approach to all future projects.