Industry Patent Navigation
date: 2017-12-22

    Industry A is a key pillar industry in a certain area, with a global production scale, and a part of industrial cluster and industrial chain. Currently, the industry faces an issue of homogenous, low end products. To guide enterprises to increase reliance on new technologies, to move products into the mid- and high-end segment and to increase the industry’s core competitiveness, State Intellectual Property Office in conjunction with the regional Intellectual Property Office jointly launched an industry patent navigation project. Kangxin was entrusted with managing this project.

    To begin this project, we conducted an investigation to understand and analyze the global patent situation within the specific industry, global industry and patent development trends, as well identify main competitors, and identify a direction in which R&D should move. We also analyzed intellectual property systems and patents in target countries and conducted preliminary evaluations of intellectual property risks of technology and product exports.

    To guide the development of the industry, Kangxin conducted an investigation to understand basic global industry trends, identify existing gaps and advantages in the local industry, which allowed us to target existing problems and to provide a roadmap for improvements.

    Responding to the area’s urgent need to integrate patent resources as capital elements into industrial capitals and enhance the strength of enterprises and the core competitiveness of the industry, Kangxin also investigated patented commercial mode of operation and provided collaborative innovation of production, patent operation platforms and patent pooling, so at to promote the industrialization of patented technology and enhance core competitiveness of industry A.