Leo Liu

/Patent Attorney
Professional fields
Free-to-operation Investigation, Patent Application, Enterprise intellectual property management consulting, Patent Search & Analysis, patent infringement risk analysis, patent application
Technical fields
Material, Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Chemstry
Mr. Leo Liu graduated with his Doctor Degree from Beihang University in 2014. He previously worked as Senior Patent Examiner at Patent Examination Cooperation Beijing Center of CNIPA. He was mainly responsible for invention patent examination and utility model patent examination. He has extensive experience in patent application, invalidation, reexamination and patent search analysis. During his tenure as a patent examiner, he undertook more than 500 substantive examinations for patents of inventions and 1,000 preliminary examinations for patents of utility models. He also served as a reviewer and a reviewer of utility model evaluation reports, and published three intellectual property related academic papers. After joining Kangxin Partners in 2019, Mr. Leo Liu is currently the director of intellectual property consulting projects and he is mainly responsible for free-to-operation investigation, patent search & analysis, patent infringement risk analysis etc.. During his work at Kangxin, he published several academic articles in well-known intellectual property journals in China.
Education and experience
Honors and awards
Published articles
  • Freedom to Operation Due Diligence to Identify Patent Infringement Risks, China Intellectual Property News, 2021

  • The Comparison and Analysis of Usage Environment Characteristics, Definitions by Use and Functional Features in Patents, China Intellectual Property Magazine, 2021

  • Twinning-dominated Nucleation, Propagation and Deflection of Crack in Mo Characterized with in-situ TEM,Philosophical Magazine Letters,2014

  • Atomistic Observation of a Crack Tip Approaching Coherent Twin Boundaries,Scientific Reports

  • Twinning and De-twinning via Glide and Climb of Twinning Dislocations along Serrated Coherent Twin Boundaries in Hexagonal-close-packed Metals,Material Research Letters,2013

  • High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope Observation of Zero-Strain Deformation Twinning Mechanisms in Ag,Physical Review Letters,2011