Haixia Li

Patent Attorney/
Professional fields
Patent Application, Patent Drafting, Patent Reexamination, Patent Invalidation, Patent Administrative Litigation, Patent Early Warning, Patent Design
Technical fields
Biological technology, Biochemistry, Biomedicine

Ms. Li obtained her Master’s degree in biological technology in 2008 from Beijing Forestry University.  While attending university, she worked in the Forest Genetic Breeding Laboratory for about three years, researching the disease resistance gene of poplar trees. The experiment in the research mainly involved the technologies of tissue culture, gene manipulation, and virus inoculation. 

Ms. Li has gained extensive knowledge in biochemistry and biogenetics during the course of her studies. Her IP training background includes completing patent practice training in China and receiving training on patent translation by RWS of U. K.

Ms. Li joined Kangxin Partners, P.C. in 2008, and has served for a variety of foreign clients on patent drafting, prosecution, re-examination, invalidation, and administrative litigation.  She is currently responsible for patent application in a wide range of industries but particularly focuses on chemistry, biology and medicine. She has handled hundreds of patent cases for foreign clients, and accumulated rich experience on patent application strategy in China.

Ms. Li also works as a lecturer giving lessons regarding China’s Patent Law and patent practice for Kangxin’s Training Center and also Intellectual Property Training Center of China.

Ms. Li obtained the qualification of Chinese Patent Attorney in 2012.

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Honors and awards
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