Inaugural "Kangxin Cup" Academic Achievement Exhibition Award Ceremony Held at Dalian Maritime University
date: 2018-05-18

On May 16, Dalian Maritime University School of Information Technology held its first “Kangxin Cup”, an award ceremony to recognize high-achieving students. Dalian Maritime University vice president Liu Zhengjiang, together with many of his colleagues attended the ceremony.


The ceremony highlighted the achievements in creativity and innovation of the school’s students, as well as the achievements in various international and national competitions. Many of the students’ individual projects were proudly presented to the audience, demonstrating the level of innovation the school has achieved in the past several years. Students which have demonstrated significant achievements in the field of science and technology innovation were awarded with certificates and commended for their contribution to the field.



Following the awards, the president of the Smart Aeronautics club Zhang Qian revealed the club’s robot dog DMU-Go, which precisely followed Zhang’s commands, wowing the audience. Zhang Qian explained the basic principles of how the dog operates and encouraged his peers to continue making strides in technological innovation.



Liu Zhengjiang, vice president of Dalian Maritime University, delivered a speech. He expressed his congratulations on the successful recognition ceremony, as well as commended the students' achievements made at the School of Information Science and Technology. He could only find one word to describe the technology and innovation examples displayed at the ceremony – amazing. He gave an overview of the history of the university and its affiliated programs, commended the students and the teachers for their unrelenting effort to better themselves, the university and the discipline, and emphasized the contributions the university has made to its home province and the whole country. Vice President Liu also expressed his hope to have students pursue a three-pointed approach to focus on the combination of scientific and technological innovation and the consolidation of their professional foundations, the combination of scientific and technological innovation and the promotion of employability, and the combination of scientific and technological innovation and the promotion of achieving transformation in every area. He also expressed his gratitude to Kangxin and its managing partner Samson Yu, who have made outstanding contributions to the college students' scientific and technological innovation efforts for many years.