Roses given, fragrance in hand – Kangxin Scholarship at Dalian Maritime University
date: 2018-01-05

For many years, Kangxin has supported education and furthering the study and knowledge of intellectual property in China by donating scholarships.

Dalian Maritime University is a national key university as designated by the Ministry of Transportation, a national “first class university”, recognized by government bodies from Ministry of Education to Dalian Peoples’ Government. It is known as the cradle of China’s navigators, and recognized by the International Maritime Organization as one of the few internationally renowned maritime universities.

Since 2011, Kangxin has supported Dalian Maritime University by setting up a scholarship fund. Scholarships for innovation and entrepreneurship programs play an important role in fostering outstanding talent, motivating students to devote their time to their studies, and contributing to the training of qualified personnel. Kangxin hopes that students from every school, when become successful, do not forget the role national development has played in their success, nor their parents’ and teachers’ support.

Kangxin will continue to support young talent who will contribute to the development of the industry in the future.