Kangxin Partner is invited to attend the theme lecture of Dalian Maritime University Alumni Assistance Program
date: 2020-10-20

    On October 29, the school of Information Science and Technology of Dalian Maritime University held the themed lecture of "Alumni Assistance Program". Our managing partner Mr. Yu Gang was invited to attend this event.



    Mr. Yu tells students to establish a correct view of employment and pay attention to the "professional interest, learning ability, work motivation" to stimulate and cultivate, combined with the university and professional work experience and also tells the student to change their working attitude if they can’t change the environment.




     Later, Mr. Yu Shared what he had learned from working in Russia and the United States. Combined with years of experience in intellectual property work and enterprise management, he spoke the future development direction of artificial intelligence, pointed out the intelligent and technological development path of IT industry, and stimulated the professional interest of the students.


    Finally, Mr. Yu sent messages to students from four aspects: One is to be pragmatic and honest;Second, learn to think independently and cultivate critical thinking;Third, read thousands of books, travel thousands of miles, and combine knowledge with practice;The fourth is to learn self-discipline and pay attention to physical exercise.




    Mr.Yu's speech is simple but profound.His teaching method is very popular among students, which opens the cognitive door for students and stimulates their professional and business thinking.This lecture was warmly received, which stimulated students' interest in professional learning and strengthened students' cognition of the future development trend of artificial intelligence. We believe that students will follow the example of outstanding seniors, continuously consolidate their professional foundation and become pillars of the world as soon as possible.




     Kangxin focuses on education and the inheritance of knowledge."Kangxin Scholarship" has been set up in Dalian Maritime University to support students' scientific and technological innovation. Kangxin integrates the personal value of employees and the social value of enterprises. Through the participation of all employees, the spirit of "passing on love and letting knowledge shine" will be inherited continuously.