Kangxin Partners Ranked in IAM Patent 1000 2024
date: 2024-06-06

    Recently, the international authoritative intellectual property media "IAM' released the "IAM Patent 1000 2024," a global ranking of the top 1000 patent firms. Kangxin has been consistently selected for many years due to its comprehensive advantages in the field of patents. It has also achieved a prominent position on the China-Domestic Patent prosecutionand and Patent Litigation rankings.  Additionally, Kangxin's Partners Shirley Dong, James Chen, Gary Wu and Mary Zhang were listed as recommended individuals within their respective practice areas.




    Storied IP powerhouse Kangxin Partners receives rave recommendations from patrons and colleagues alike: “I haven't found a technical area or a point of Chinese patent law in which I would not place my confidence in Kangxin. They could handle any IP matters competently, and they would be my first choice for assistance in China.” “It is an outstanding firm, boasting a team of highly skilled and professional attorneys. They have an excellent grasp of China's patent laws and navigate them with precision. The firm's dedication to client satisfaction, meticulous approach to detail and ability to meet demanding deadlines are commendable. They seamlessly bridge linguistic and cultural gaps, making the patent process in China smooth and efficient.” The set offers a technically proficient, strategically minded service which leads to nothing but the utmost satisfaction. Leading the practice forward is head of the domestic patent department Shirley Dong, who is a prolific drafter and prosecutor of patents in the biomedical sphere. Materials scientist James Chen displays a deep understanding of Chinese IP legislation that earns him plaudits from his following: “James demonstrated an intricate understanding of the Chinese patent system, offering invaluable advice on the nuances of intellectual property rights in the country. He helped my client manage the complexities of the application process, meticulously ensuring every detail was in line with the stringent Chinese patent laws. What set James apart was his dedication to client satisfaction, patience in explaining complex legal jargon and unwavering commitment to meeting deadlines.” Previously a senior engineer in organic synthesis and catalyst research at Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Mary Zhang comfortably traverses the contentious/non-contentious divide with her sound legal and technical nous. Invalidation and re-examination are the fortes of Guiming (Gary) Wu, who has spent more than 30 years racking up the wins in complex IP disputes.