Kangxin Partners Ranked in the World Trademark Review 2023
date: 2023-02-10

    Recently, Word Trademark Review issued the  World Trademark Review 2023 Guide. Kangxin ranked silver in  "Prosecution and Strategy " and Bronze in "Enforcement Litigation". Our managing partner Samson Yu was recognized as leading inviduals in trademark prosecution and strategy. Gloria Wu, Xiaodong Ren and Yanyan Tong were recognized as leading inviduals in  "Prosecution and Strategy" and "Enforcement Litigation".





WTR comments Kangxin:

Chinese IP powerhouse Kangxin Partners offers a full spectrum of trademark protection service for international brand owners. Its first-rate domain name registration and dispute resolution practice has drawn much traction over the years. Its talented team, anchored by managing partner Samson Gang Yu, always finds optimal strategy for every IP task. Yu works as an IP strategic adviser for many top Chinese companies, providing them with valuable insights into their overseas acquisitions. Alongside him comes IP commercialisation expert Gloria Wu, who leads the trademark squad to assist multinationals in devising and implementing tailored protection strategies in the country. Contentious nous is supplied by Xiaodong Ren and Yanyan Tong, both making their debut in the WTR 1000 this year. Ren is extremely proficient in Chinese IP legislation and heads the legal department in Kangxin, while Tong is adept at devising trademark enforcement strategies for domestic clients.