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“Kangxin Trophy” Scholarship Award Ceremony held at Peking University Law School
date: 2017-12-25

“Kangxin Trophy” Scholarship Award Ceremony was held at Peking University Law School on June 25th, 2016. Peking University Law School associate professor Mr. Liu Yinliang and Associate Dean of Student Affairs Ms. Wang Bingshan, Kangxin partners Ms Li Hui and Ms Mary Zhang attended the ceremony.



At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr Liu Yinliang expressed his gratitude for Kangxin’s support of cultivating talent at Peking University. Next, Ms Li Hui gave a speech explaining that the purpose of this scholarship and partnership with Peking University is to inspire and guide students to study key issues in intellectual property law. She commended the Peking University Intellectual Property Law College in producing successful graduates who contribute to the development of the field every year. As a company deepening its efforts to develop the field of intellectual property for over 20 years, Kangxin hopes to seize this opportunity of cooperation with Peking University and contribute to the development of the industry.

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Following the speech, Ms Li Hui announced the recipients of the scholarship and together with Mr Liu Yinliang, Ms Wang Bingshan and Ms Mary Zhang awarded scholarship certificates.