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Kangxin partners with United Nations Development Programme to provide intellectual property and legal services
date: 2018-11-15

In February 2018, United Nations Development Programme in China (UNDP China) and Kangxin’s legal department signed an agreement establishing Kangxin as UNDP’s legal counsel. Drawing on extensive industry experience and professionalism, Kangxin will support UNDP China by reviewing legal documents, providing legal advice, and protecting its rights and interests from infringement.


United Nation’s largest development programme, UNDP’s scope spans over 170 countries and regions, where the organization works to reduce poverty, inequality and promote development. UNDP assists countries in optimizing policy development, enhancing collaboration and institutional capacity, and improving the country's ability to adapt to achieve sustainable development. In China, UNDP mainly focuses on the following four areas: i. poverty and inequality alleviation, good governance;  ii. Energy and environment iii. Disaster management, iv. South-south and international cooperation. UNDP works closely with Chinese government, think tanks, academic institutions, social and civil society groups, as well as with private companies to support China’s implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Beijing Kangrui Law Firm (Kangxin’s legal department), was officially established in 2010 with the approval of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice. It is a professional law firm specializing in intellectual property legal affairs. Its services include foreign patent, trademark, copyright, domain name, trade secrets, and unfair competition cases. The team is composed of highly competent experts with rich educational and professional backgrounds, including those who have experience studying abroad in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, as well as those who worked in courts and intellectual property offices, with experience providing domestic and foreign clients with high quality comprehensive services such as IP litigation, licensing negotiations, protection strategies, rights protection and 337 investigation legal services.


In today's era of rapid economic development, intellectual property rights are of great significance to the development of individuals, enterprises, organizations and even countries. Only by paying attention to the protection of intellectual property rights can we better protect our intellectual property rights from infringement and can encourage innovation, prevent theft of research and development, and protect legitimate rights and interests from infringement, thus making us invincible in a complex economic environment.


The selection of Kangxin's legal services by UNDP China is based on our professional and innovative skills in the field of intellectual property. As a professional intellectual property legal service organization, Kangxin also hopes to utilize its professional resources accumulated in the industry to better assist UNDP China in their contributing to the sustainable development of human beings, to help countries improve their adaptability and help improve people’s lives..