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2018 China Trademark Festival & Kangxin Seminar in Shenzhen
date: 2018-09-12

Kangxin eService Platform presented at the 2018 China Trademark Festival

The annual International China Trademark Festival was held in Tangshan, Hebei Province, from September 1 to the 3rd. Kangxin, along with our colleagues and partners from Lanternfish, a patent search service, joined the festival with an exhibitor’s booth to present our newly launched trademark service to clients old and new. The platform’s advantages, such as an AI-based instant trademark search, quick trademark application and other comprehensive trademark services, made a deep impression on everyone visiting the booth. Experienced colleagues conducted demos for clients to experience the new service, who commented on the usefulness of such a service to trademark professionals and anyone else dealing with trademarks.


Kangxin eService Platform and Lanternfish

Accumulating our 24 years of experience, we launched the Kangxin eService Platform, a global one stop, intelligent platform providing comprehensive trademark services, including AI-based trademark clearance search, trademark application, portfolio monitoring, and many others. The platform combines IP, IT, and AI for high quality, efficient, and effective intellectual property solutions.  

Lanternfish provides an intelligent patent search service, using such AI technologies as deep learning, natural language processing, and knowledge graphs. The platform was designed to minimize the operational burden on searchers and to provide a deeper understanding of the technical features and implied values behind each patent.

Click here to visit the platform, and here to visit Lanternfish!

Trademark Oral Trial Forum

On September 3rd the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board together with the China Trademark Association jointly organized a forum during which an oral examination case was broadcast to the audience. Kangxin’s trademark department attorneys Ms Yanyan Tong and Ms Samiko Sun were chosen to present one of their trademark invalidation cases, in which they emphasized the key points of the case and presented their arguments.




Kangxin was honored to be named as the “2017-2018 Outstanding Trademark Agency”, “2018 Brand Trademark Expo Gold Award” and other awards recognizing the quality of our services. Such recognition encourages Kangxin to continue adhering to our high quality standards in our services.


Shenzhen Seminar

Kangxin is holding a two-day seminar in Shenzhen from Sept. 13-14, focusing on the topic of overseas IP protection, and using this seminar to officially launch our Kangxin eService Platform. Representatives from Kangxin, Dawei Software and well-known AI experts will speak at the seminar to interpret the practice and future development of IP+IT+AI, and share the latest patent and trademark cases and review standards with intellectual property experts from China, the US, Europe, Japan and Korea. See you in Shenzhen!