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Protect Your Trademark in a Few Clicks
date: 2018-07-02

Your brand is one of your most distinguishing features – and we understand the importance of protecting it. Acting quick in a new market to protect your trademark is the key to success. With this in mind, we developed the new, cutting-edge platform to deliver a faster, smarter trademark search, applications and other trademark services in Mainland China and Hong Kong. With Kangxin eService Platform, completing your trademark clearance search and filing your trademark in several clicks is easy.


What We Can Do for You


l  Fast Trademark Registration

-    application reviewed and filed within one business day; official filing number issued within two business days;

l  Trademark Search Powered by AI technology

-    word or device trademark clearance search with ranking by degree of similarity

l  Trademark Renewal

-    renewal complete in a few clicks

l  Strategic Trademark Portfolio Management

-    strategic trademark management advice from experienced trademark attorneys




Trademark Search

Free trial until Aug 3, 2018 


per  year: USD1500

per  half year: USD800

per  quarter: USD500

per  month: USD200

per  case: USD10

Trademark   Application

Service   fee:

First  class: USD 300

Each  additional class: USD 200

Including filing fees, OA reporting,original  registration certificate publication and posting

Official fee  charged as incurred

Trademark Renewal

Service   fee:

per  class: USD 50

Including  filing fees and posting original renewal certificate

Official  fee charged a incurred


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We hope you find the Kangxin eService Platform a useful tool in managing your trademark portfolio and look forward to seeing your submitted cases soon!

Should you have questions about anything on the platform, do not hesitate to contact our client services team at