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Guangdong Patent Agency Association visits Kangxin
date: 2015-09-06

On 10 July, 13 representatives from Guangdong Patent Agency Association visited Kangxin and exchanged opinions with supervisors at Kangxin on various aspects of the management of the IP agency and the trend of the IP industry.

First, Mr Xiangcheng Huang, general manager of Kangxin Intellectual Property Consultants, showed the visitors around the office. Then, Mr Samson Yu, managing partner of Kangxin, made a brief introduction about Kangxin, which included Kangxin’s philosophy, organizational structure, core competence, management method and so on. The speech elicited huge responses. The representatives had detailed discussions with Mr Yu on case management, business process design and human resource management.

After the meeting, the representatives expressed that they got inspiration from the discussion and would like to communicate more with Kangxin.