Kangxin IP Platform Update-Patent annuity service is available now
date: 2022-01-19

We are super excited to invite you to try out our recently launched patent annuity service platform which will be made available to users all around the world for free.  Though it will initially support only the one-stop annuity service for China, it will be gradually extended to other countries in the near future.  The platform has already integrated seamlessly with our internal digitalized information management systems and now becomes capable of automatically monitoring annuity, sending deadline reminders, calculating costs, making payments and updating processing status.  It also supports durable persistence of official documents and their real time download.

Annuity services available to users:

l  New case entrustment

Users can perform multi-dimensional data search on this page, select patent cases that need to pay annual fees in seconds, and submit orders just with one click.  Our experienced attorneys take care of the rest and complete man-machine intelligent review and payment within one business day.  Besides, users can manually create or batch import their cases by downloading the template directly on our platform for monitoring their annuity.


l  My order

The Kangxin annuity service platform supports searching already placed orders based on multiple conditions like order number and patent number and also viewing the real time status of orders.  Users can access the latest progress of their orders at any time through clicking the details button.  The basic information of cases is also made available to users in order for them to double check the case accuracy.


l  My cases

This page displays cases that were added to “My cases” and also those entrusted offline by users.  The table shows clearly information of cases that are waiting to pay annuity including payment deadline, payment year and cost etc.  Users can do case filtering by multiple dimensions and summarizing payment data and budget.

As a benefit to users, the Kangxin IP Platform does not charge users anything for managing patent annuity.  The platform automatically sends deadline reminders to user's mailbox to avoid lapses in payment based on users’ own configurations. After receiving email reminders, users can send instructions to us after logging the platform through the link embedded in the email.  For cases that do not require maintenance, users can choose to give up or entrust other parties to handle the payment.


l  My Files

Users can view and download the official receipt of annuity payments at any time on this page.


For case entrustment through the Kangxin IP Platform, users will enjoy a special offer.  We sincerely invite users from all over the world to try it out for free and provide your highly valuable feedback