Updates to Kangxin’s IP Platform
date: 2020-10-22

    Kangxin Partners, a leading Chinese intellectual property firm, continues to develop its proprietary AI-supported IP management platform. Offering a full range of IP services, Kangxin IP Platform was designed to simplify many trademark management administrative tasks and streamline brand protection strategy.

    Updates to the platform include:

            Trademark Search – clients can now search across Chinese Trademark Office, USPTO, and EUIPO. Besides, Hong Kong, Philippine and Malaysian trademark databases will be available by the end of this month.

    Check for similar registered marks with an AI-supported clearance search. Sophisticated AI uses computer vision algorithm to identify identical or similar marks. The result is a clear, full image of the landscape surrounding your mark, so you can make the most informed decision and register your mark knowing that it is one of a kind.

            Trademark Monitoring – monitor your trademark to stay aware of potential infringers across Chinese Trademark Office, EUIPO and USPTO.

    Once your mark is registered, it is important to track the developments in the field surrounding it. Kangxin monitoring service is a comprehensive and effective tool to stay aware of any identical and similar published marks which might pose a threat to your brand. AI algorithm continually searches across published gazettes, compiling a report with similar marks in a specific class. With weekly reports, potential infringers don’t stand a chance.

    Registration on the platform is always free – eservice.kangxin.com