Webinar | China: Trademarks and E-commerce Amid COVID -19
date: 2020-04-23

The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted businesses worldwide: with companies facing unprecedented challenges to their daily operations, as well as their long-term development and the implementation of business marketing strategies. On the upcoming webinar held by CBBC, Kangxin’s veteran lawyers Gloria Wu, Brandy Baker and Luna Zhang will discuss the impact on operations within IP offices, IP courts and also companies throughout China. In particular, the current status of trademark protection following the 4th amendment to the Trademark Law will be discussed, with examination of changes to application timelines and procedures.


The webinar will then focus on the changes and challenges for trademark protection in the current climate, especially in the e-commerce space. Which new measures are here to stay? What approach or tools can you adopt to tackle trademark squatters and online counterfeiters? Join to gain insights and practical advice to better protect your brand in China. The webinar will be held on 29th April – 1pm BST/ 8pm CST.


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