Kangxin Partners host seminar on "Intellectual Property Protection and Litigation Strategy" in Xi'an.
date: 2019-11-22

On November 12th, a seminar on the topic of “Intellectual Property Protection and Litigation Strategy” sponsored by Beijing Kangxin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. was held in Xi'an Tsinghua Science Park.


 The seminar focused on patent litigation and patent invalidation strategy and the typical case analysis of trademark overseas applications. Ms. Wu Qiong and Mr. Wu Guiming, two partners of Beijing Kangxin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd., were keynote speakers at the event, lecturing for more than 2 hours. The seminar attracted many corporate and legal professionals alongside numerous intellectual property practitioners. .




Ms. Wu Qiong, Partner of Beijing Kangxin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.

Ms. Wu Qiong discussed the theme of Analysis of Typical Cases of Overseas Application of Trademarks”. 

Ms. Wu Qiong has extensive experience in the field of intellectual property, dealing with a large number of intellectual property-related infringement disputes, unfair competition disputes, and intellectual property related legal cases in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and is widely recognized for her superb professional competence. Ms. Wu Qiong has been selected as an outstanding lawyer in the field of intellectual property by multiple industry authorities for many years.

During her lecture, Ms. Wu Qiong gave an in-depth explanation on the international trademark protection system, search and registration applications, and evidence of use for US trademarks. Ms. Qiong also went to discuss case related experience concerning trademark reviews, publication, and opposition.





Mr. Wu Guiming, Partner of Beijing Kangxin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd.

Mr. Wu Guiming lectured on cases relating to patent litigation, patent rights defense strategy, the respondent's response and patent invalidation strategy.

Mr. Wu Guiming has a wealth of knowledge on the patent system of China, Europe, and the United States. He is a patent litigation agent approved by the Supreme Court and a registered patent agent in the United States. As a senior patent attorney, Mr. Wu has accumulated rich practical experience in technology and law. He has taught classes for patent agent practical skills held by Beijing, Jiangsu and Guangdong Intellectual Property Offices, many of those attending in Xi'an having previously joined lectures hosted by Mr. Wu.

Mr. Wu Guiming focused on the preparation of patent rights protection, discussing common methods involved in patent infringement rights protection, how to send warning letters, the complaints of e-commerce platforms, and best practice when pursuing patent rights protection complaints.

In addition, Mr. Wu Guiming gave a detailed discussion on the defense strategy of patent litigation and patent invalidation.




The attendees were enthusiastic , with many asking questions and engaging in critical discussion concerning case decisions.  



(The tea break, allowing for a more open seminar based discussion)





(After the meeting, the guest and the speakers consulted on points raised in the lectures)


Several attendees gave feedback following the seminar:

I have never participated in a seminar so relaxed yet has such good critical discussion. The lecturers were very professional and the explanations they gave were detailed and vivid!”

The information shared by the lecturers rs gave me a new understanding of intellectual property rights protection and opened the door to the new world!


"This seminar has created a good learning and communication platform for intellectual property professionals here in Xi'an, and beyond" 


As a company that can provide a full range of intellectual property legal services, Kangxin is committed to bringing advanced foreign intellectual property application, protection, management and operation experience to China, assisting domestic enterprises to effectively use intellectual property strategies, and enhancing domestic enterprises to increase their competitiveness. . Kangxin is also very willing to share more professional information with corporate legal affairs, intellectual property owners or partners who are concerned about intellectual property rights, and provide support for industry construction and talent development.

See you next time!