Second Annual Kangxin Games
date: 2017-12-21

On a sunny morning of September 14th, Kangxin Games were declared open by managing partner Samson Yu. Excited teams arrived ready to beat their competitors and enjoy a day of exercise.

In the first event, running fast wasn’t enough – the teams had to work together to come out on top. In the second event, “the kangaroo run”, the competitors exhibited their best jumping abilities. The third event, the “thunder drum”, tested the teams’ ability to dribble and balance. A corporate culture project entitled “The Past, Present, and Future of Kangxin”, where attendees drew their visions of the future, concluded the Games.


Kangxin offers a sound career development program. Kangxin employees may chose to develop their professional, managerial or marketing skills according to their personal characteristics and professional backgrounds.
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