Kangxin's 30th Anniversary Celebration and the 2024 Annual Festival
date: 2024-01-31

In 2024, Kangxin welcomes its 30th anniversary!

On January 27th, we held an incredibly splendid annual celebration - Kangxin's 30th Anniversary and the 2024 Annual Festival.


Every Kangxin's staff signed their names against the backdrop of Kangxin's development timeline, entrusting their deep feelings and good wishes for Kangxin.



At the opening of the annual meeting, four hosts made a sparkling entrance. With their elegant posture and professional style, they instantly ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, kicking off the ceremony for Kangxin's 30th anniversary.


Speech by our strategic managing partner Samson Yu


Award Presentation


On-site, we were honored to receive blessings from domestic and international clients, old friends and new, who expressed their deep gratitude to Kangxin and affirmed its professional services and outstanding achievements over the past thirty years. We also watched an employee interview program, where colleagues shared their growth with Kangxin, expressing their love, gratitude, and expectations for the company.


The lucky draw, with random numbers, repeatedly brought the atmosphere to a climax. From wireless keyboard and mouse sets, suitcases, neck massagers, to mite removers... each prize was exciting! Everyone felt endless surprises and fun in the tense atmosphere.


Colleagues from various branch venues showed their talents via live connections; performances at the main venue were also in full swing, with touching song renditions, powerful recitations, and humorous skits, adding a unique flavor to this grand annual meeting.


In the group photo session, members of the Kangxin family stood shoulder to shoulder, smiling brightly. This moment not only captured a precious photo but also made everyone deeply feel the warmth and unity of the Kangxin family.


The dinner began in a warm atmosphere, where everyone enjoyed the joy and reunion of the moment.


Finally, wishing everyone a Happy New Year and good fortune in the Year of the Dragon!"


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