Kangxin 2022 Cloud Annual Ceremony
date: 2022-01-25

An incomparable cloud annual feast from Kangxin came to an end!


 Mr. Yu delivered a speech at the annual ceremony:

At the beginning of the annual meeting, Mr.Yu comprehensively summarized the achievements of Kangxin in the past year. Kangxin has gained recognition from international and domestic clients. Kangxin has taken another big step in building a digital and intelligent interconnection platform. The number of servers has also reached 210. At the same time, it has built industry big data with global patent database and trademark database of  45 countries/regions. The digital and intelligent interconnection platform built by Kangxin has also received more and more attention and domestic and foreign users.


Looking ahead to 2022, opportunities and challenges coexist. In the future, Kangxin will make use of science and technology to continue to empower and win broader development.

Kangxin prepared gifts to award the staff who have acheived great results in the past year: Outstanding Employee Award, Key Employee Award, Best Team Award, Best Quality Team Award, Best Customer Service Award, etc.


Our rotating manager Shirley Dong sent her best wishes for the indivuals and teams who has got the awards.


Interesting online games and New year blessing videos.






2022 New start, new journey

Best wishes for you all in 2022!

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