Kangxin was invited to attend the 146th INTA Annual Meeting and made a strong appearance at GWCC.
date: 2024-05-20


        The INTA 2024 Annual Meeting opened grandly on May 18 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. This year's meeting brought together more than 9,650 professionals from 136 countries and regions, including brand experts, business leaders, brand owners, and government officials, to explore the future trends and development paths of intellectual property.




    As an organization with 30 years of experience in intellectual property services, Kangxin was invited to attend the 146th INTA Annual Meeting and made a strong appearance at Booth 835.




    Kangxin made meticulous preparations for this grand event, including a carefully designed red booth that added a bright touch of the East to the meeting, showcasing Kangxin's professional strength and passion for intellectual property protection.




    From the first day of the meeting, Kangxin's booth attracted intellectual property experts, corporate representatives, and professional lawyers from various countries and regions.



    Our discussions with the attendees focused on the latest trends in intellectual property, adjustments to legal policies, and industry development trends. With robust professional capabilities and excellent service quality, Kangxin not only continued to win praise from old friends but also attracted more and more new friends’ attention and trust.



    Additionally, Kangxin showcased the Kangxin IP Platform to the attendees, allowing users to experience the English version of the trademark big data feature via mobile, offering a more intuitive and convenient service.



    The Kangxin IP Platform leverages Kangxin’s 30 years of rich practical experience, deep professional knowledge, and global intellectual property protection channels, making full use of global trademark and patent big data, internet technology, and artificial intelligence to achieve a perfect integration.

    The INTA Annual Meeting provides a platform for global intellectual property professionals to network and collaborate.

    As the 146th Inta Annual meeting is underway, Kangxin looks forward to establishing connections with more industry colleagues. We sincerely invite all professionals and interested guests present to visit Booth 835 for discussions and networking, together advancing the progress and development of intellectual property protection!