New Upgrade of Trademark Search & Monitoring on Kangxin IP Platform
date: 2022-08-31

    If you are a brand owner looking to register your trademark in China or other jurisdictions, or to manage your global trademark portfolio, trademark search is a critical step.  The Kangxin IP Platform offers trademark search in 43 jurisdictions, including China, US, EU, Japan, Korea, etc.  You can search similar marks, or search by applicant's name, application number, registration number or agent's name.



         To search similar marks, you can type the word part of the mark, choose the jurisdiction(s), and the search engine will find similar marks based on the spelling, pronunciation, and meaning, and list the results according to the degree of similarity.  You can also search image marks by uploading a picture. We use AI technology to analyze the elements in the image and the main features of the elements, and find similar marks instantly.



    You can further filter the results by adding more conditions, such as the application date, publication date, registration publication date, or status of the mark.

    On the platform, the right side is a summary of the search results, including a donut chart of the trademark status, another donut chart of the classes, and an area chart of the application dates of the marks in the search results.





    You can change to "Full View" to have a clearer view of the search results; and you can add or delete the columns you would like to show, or change the position of the columns by dragging them to the place you like.When you click one of the results, it will show some key information of the mark, and when you click details, it will open the complete profile of the mark.




    If you need a more detailed and thorough analysis of the search result, you can click “SEARCH REPORT" here and place an order.  Our trademark attorneys will prepare the search report, including analysis of potential risk of rejection based on relative grounds and absolute grounds as well as risk of use.  The search report will be sent within 2 working days to your email address recorded in the Platform.

    After the search, maybe you would like to constantly monitor whether someone files new marks similar to yours.  You can click "MONITOR" and add this mark into your monitoring center, and you will receive reports for newly published, similar marks.




    The "HISTORY" option records your latest search actions, so whenever you would like to repeat and run a search again, you can just head here and click to get new results.




    Kangxin IP Platform has been continuously upgrading functions and optimizing interaction experience ever since its first launch in 2018.  Please feel free to register an account on our platform ( or contact us for a free demo or any question (