Chun (Conscience) Wang

/Attorney at law / Patent Attorney / Research Assistant / Senior Intellectual Property Expert
Professional fields
Patent Drafting, Patent Invalidation, IP Litigation, IP Strategy Consultancy
Technical fields
Mechanical engineering, Automotive engineering, Medical equipment, Electronics and electrical engineering, Household appliances and semiconductors, etc
Mr. Wang joined Kangxin Legal in 2020. He is a registered Chinese patent attorney, a Chinese practicing lawyer, an intermediate patent attorney and senior Intellectual Propery expert. Since starting his work on intellectual property in 2014, through a large number of work practices, he has gained a deep understanding of Chinese laws and regulations related to intellectual property, and has a solid and extensive professional knowledge and strong comprehensive analysis of problems, problem-solving skills. Business expertise includes patent writing, patent applications, patent invalidation, patent infringement litigation, copyright infringement litigation and comprehensive legal advice. He is dedicated to a wide range of technical fields, including mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, electronic and electrical engineering, household appliances, semiconductor device manufacturing, environmental protection equipment and many other technical directions. As a senior patent agent and lawyer, Mr. Wang has represented a large number of patent writing and patent reexamination, patent invalidation, FTO and IP infringement litigation, for many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, including TSMC, Ford Motor, Huawei, Taihang Machinery, Ningbo Cixing, Hengtongda Electrical,, ROBERT BÜRKLE GMBH, Shandong Weida Machinery, etc. So he has extensive technical and legal experience in the field of IP.
Education and experience
  • 2009 Obtained a bachelor's degree in engineering from Harbin University of Commerce
  • 2014 Obtained a Master’s degree in Law from Southwest University of Political Science and Law
  • 2014 Joined Beijing DeHeng Law Firm
  • 2018 Joined Beijing GuoBiao Law Firm
  • 2020 Joined Kangxin Legal
  • Member of The All-China Patent Attorneys Association
  • Member of The All-China Lawyers Association
Honors and awards
  • 2021 Recognized as Senior Intellectual Property Expert by Beijing Advanced Professional and Technical Qualification Review Committee
  • 2019 Recognized as Intermediate Patent Attorney by Beijing Patent Attorneys Association, and Issued Intermediate Title Certificate by the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau
Published articles
  • "Research on the scope of patent protection", "Zhichanli" official website and WeChat public account, weekend feature, published in 2019

  • "Borrow patent writing ideas to explore the secrets of technology", China Intellectual Property Journal, Patent Weekly, published on Wednesday, August 26, 2020