Kangxin’s patent team is a group of creative and highly qualified and experienced specialists, majority of whom are patent attorneys,

and experts in the fields of computer technology, communications, electronics, semiconductors, life sciences, chemical engineering,

green energy, physics, vehicle engineering, mechanics, air and space and other technical fields.

The patent team has grown steadily under the leadership of outstanding industry experts and attorneys.

For over 20 years, we provided clients at home and abroad with litigation services.

Our industry expertise, outstanding service, high level of professionalism, and industry recognition

has earned praise from our clients.

Patent Services

  • Patent strategy design
  • Patent application and search
  • Patent mining
  • Patent application materials preparation
  • Foreign and domestic patent application (through PCT and Paris Convention procedures)
  • Patent investigation assessment
  • Patent re-examination
  • Patent invalidation
  • Patent efficacy consultation
  • Patent infringement verdict consultation
  • Patent regulations consultation
  • Consulation and agency for certification and transfer of patented and non-patented technology
  • Administrative settlement and judicial litigation of patent infringement
  • Patent customs protection
  • Patent fee handling
  • Patent assessment
  • IP rights trade
  • Patent document translation


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