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Embrace transformation, challenge yourself – 2015 in review
date: 2017-12-21

On February 7, 2015, Kangxin held its end of the year party. Just like in their everyday work at the firm, those in charge of organizing the event were responsible; they arrived early and did a great job setting up the event. In the afternoon, as time drew closer to the beginning of the event, more associates arrived, being greeted at the door and receiving gift bags as they were checking in.

At 3pm, everyone gathered to begin the party, all smiles when sharing their new year’s greetings. Kangxin’s managing partner Samson Yu summed up the past year and presented the company’s strategy for future development, delivering the speech on embracing transformation and challenging yourself. Mr Yu expressed his determination for Kangxin and its staff to adapt and succeed in this changing era of big data.


Following this inspiring speech, the entertainment portion of the evening began. Dancers from the domestic patent department wowed everyone with a performance, and the foreign patent department performed a skit “A day in the life of a Kangxin employee”. A Sony employee Kengo Suyama joined in the festivities, taking the festivities to a new high with his rendition of “Love So Sweet”. A number of hilarious performances, in dance and skit form from various departments, even from our far away Xi’an office, continued into the evening, keeping everyone laughing.

Following the entertainment portion, over three hundred employees moved over to the dinner table, where exquisite dishes were served to celebrate the year and guests toasted each other, wishing everyone a happy new year.

As dinner concluded, we moved on to the awards portion of the evening, where winners of 14 categories were crowned, including “Outstanding employee”, “Outstanding team”, and “Best academic”. The awards not only recognized deserving members of the Kangxin team, but also inspired everyone to work hard to achieve professional success.

With a parting song, the evening concluded. Celebrating the fruitful 2014, we welcomed 2015, hoping to work hard and usher in a more exciting new year.

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