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Kangxin Hall of Fame Speech
date: 2017-12-21

    There is a company that is not blindly driven by profits and expansion but that also does its utmost to promote development of the intellectual property industry in the public sphere, and that company is Kangxin.

There is a company’s president, well educated, who does not only rely on his strengths but also on his charm. His management style is not that of keeping employees on a tether but a much more modern top to bottom style approach – that president is Kangxin’s managing partner Samson Yu.

    On November 11, the big data division and Kangxin Training Center opened the Kangxin Hall of Fame. Our managing partner Samson Yu began the event by reflecting on his experiences in the world of intellectual property.

    As the world follows the U.S. presidential elections, Mr. Yu laid out a straightforward map of a bright world, from Europe to America, with a variety of religious beliefs and different party affiliations, explaining the origins of management as arising from debate. Quoting the classics in his speech, it is precisely that accumulation of knowledge that led him to propel Kangxin to join the high-speed train that is the development of Chinese economy. Thus, “efficiency” and “quality” have been set as permanent management goals at Kangxin by Mr. Yu.

    “The intellectual property industry is bound to undergo changes, and Kangxin must be the one to lead the way in industry developments.”

    Breaking down the changes and developments of the past thirty years, from business model to marketing, from competitive elements to management strategies, he emphasized that the development of the industry is closely related to the social characteristics of the times, especially in the modern age of technology. The rise and fall of industry newcomers demonstrates the imbalance in the supply and demand in the industry. Passing through this stage of instability is bound to bring pain to the industry, but we must use high quality resources to establish new norms and stability in the field of intellectual property .

    “Small businesses are focused on results; large companies manage the work process. A person of good habits, strong logic and persistence is bound to succeed.”

    Samson Yu answered a question on everyone’s minds – how to be a good employee in your manager’s eyes? Mr Yu said that in any place, not only at Kangxin, if you have good habits, you will succeed; if you succeed, you must stick to it. People are not brought up to be successful, but they become successful through trials and failures.

    After two hours, the attendees were so immersed in deep discussion that it was hard to leave. Having such strategy, such standards, such a leader and concept of the way forward, Kangxin is bound to be successful for years to come.

Kangxin offers a sound career development program. Kangxin employees may chose to develop their professional, managerial or marketing skills according to their personal characteristics and professional backgrounds.
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