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Environmental protection technology transfer project
date: 2017-12-22

    In recent years, environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. Both the public and the government have put forward higher and more urgent requirements on environmental pollution control. Environmental protection technologies are in desperate need of improvement. An environmental protection company in China hoped to introduce new technologies to enhance its core competitiveness. It entrusted us with technologies related to environmental protection in the field of environmental protection, especially technologies related to sewage, water purification and sludge treatment. Through the treatment and purification of water resources and soil resources, the protection of natural resources is realized.

    We identified the technology needs of the company and the scope of work before us by analyzing the development of the industry to develop a strategy for different levels of technologies. We have successfully matched the sewage treatment technology that is satisfactory to the clients’ standards and negotiated with technology suppliers. We have finally reached the agreed transaction price and completed the transfer of multiple patents. In the follow-up process of transfer of intellectual property rights, Kangxin continued to act as the agent of the company and provided professional services.