University of Chinese Academy of Sciences – Patent Agency Practice and Skills Training
date: 2017-12-22

In accordance with Beijing Intellectual Property Office directive for talent cultivation, Kangxin dispatched teachers to the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences to conduct a course on patent skills training. Kangxin’s domestic patent department deputy director Han Jianwei and partner Zhang Yongming led the course.

Mr Han Jianwei has experience in the fields of IT, software development and server operation and maintenance. Mr Han also has experience writing numerous application materials, responding to office actions (OA), reviewing invalid businesses and successfully litigating a number of cases. Mr Han is repeatedly invited by CCTV, ZTE, Shuma Video and others to conduct training. He has also assumed the post of lecturer at China National Patent Attorney Association, as a result of which he has held numerous lectures and seminars on intellectual property law all over China.


Zhang Yongming has valuable experience in intellectual property rights management and patent strategy. In the course, he introduced PCT and enterprise patent management, focusing on the scope of PCT treaty, application process and strategy, patent development trends, patent strategy significance and function and overseas patent risk. The students took their first steps in understanding PCT applications, patent layout and use and developed an understanding of patent strategy and other related topics.


A partner at Kangxin, Zhang Yongmin is a highly qualified patent attorney with previous managerial experience at eBay, C-Cube Microsystems and other multinational organizations and industry groups. During this period, he was involved in a number of projects related to information technology and became familiar with its trends; he also has experience in quality control systems, project management and business operations. After entering Kangxin in 2008, he has been responsible for strategy and planning as well as managing the ISO quality systems, global strategy department, domestic patent services and the company’s quality assurance system. Mr Zhang has been invited to speak at All China Patent Attorney Association, China Intellectual Property News and numerous other conferences over the course of his career.

Following the training course, the participants had an opportunity to discuss issues they have encountered in their line of work. The course gave its students a solid base to proceed with future intellectual property work.