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Sony’s Kengo Suyama completes training course
date: 2017-12-22

      Japan’s Sony employee Kengo Suyama has successfully completed a course at the Kangxin Training Center, an event celebrated at the specially prepared ceremony. Kangxin partners Zhang Ying, Liang Lichao, and foreign patent department head Tian Xiqing together with course instructors and Training Center employees joined this event.

       Mr Suyama began the 7 week course on January 26th. During the course, Mr Suyama studied Chinese patent law, patent practice, reviewed patent cases and intellectual property litigation, observed a hearing and discussed cases related to Sony. Twenty of Kangxin’s lecturers joined the 100 hour course.

       Liang Lichao congratulated Mr Suyama on his successful completion of the course, Tian Xiqing and Zhang Ying awarded him with a completion certificate and souvenirs. Mr Suyama expressed his commendation for the course, for the relevant materials, and thanked the lecturers.

      This farewell party concluded in a warm and pleasant atmosphere. We wish Mr Suyama successes in his career and hope to have more opportunities to work with him here at Kangxin.