Kangxin Represents Mitsubishi in Patent Invalidation Case
date: 2013-10-31

    The patentee, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, filed a suit against Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. for patent infringement of 5 patents, and Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. filed a request for invalidation of the 5 patents with the Patent Reexamination Board. Kangxin, as the representative of the patentee, participated in the invalidation proceeding.

    In the patent invalidation proceeding, the attorneys conducted practical research on products of the patentee and of the invalidation petitioner, carefully analyzed proof and invalidation reasons provided by the invalidation petitioner, made a reasonable explanation for the claims in combination with subsequent right protection demand, and presented detailed and powerful arguments against the invalidation reasons. Finally, among the 5 patents, 2 patents were maintained, and the rest were partly maintained. Now, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. has filed administrative litigation and the second invalidation request aiming to 3 patents therein.

    In this case, both parties are well-known enterprises in a related field. The patentee is the fifth largest auto-manufacturer in Japan and is ranked as the fifteenth largest worldwide, thus it occupies a very important position in the industry. The invalidation petitioner is a Chinese enterprise which owns its brand and was successfully publicly listed in Shanghai in 2001. Now, the invalidation petitioner has become the leading company in China. Thus, this patent infringement dispute will have a great effect on the market. Besides, this case discusses many hot issues related to IP law theory and practice and draws attention in both auto-manufacturing field and IPR law.