Xiaodong Ren

Partner/Attorney at Law
Professional fields
On-site Investigation, Evidence Collection, Administrative Industrial and Commerce Action, Customs Actions, Intellectual Property Transference, Intellectual Property Infringement Litigation, Patent Evasion Design
Technical fields

Mr Ren joined Kangxin Legal in 2018. He has vast experience in intellectual property protection, including patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition and other related areas. Based on his deep understanding and long experience in the practice of Chinese Law and the judicial environment in China, Mr Ren is highly capable of developing and implementing an overall strategic IP protection policy for many different clients. Furthermore, Mr Ren is skilled in handling the transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights in cases of disputes.

Mr Ren has handled thousands of IP cases for over ten years in areas such as intellectual property investigation, administrative industrial and commerce action, Public Security Bureau action, infringement litigation, and intellectual property dispute negotiation and mediation. He has serviced hundreds of clients, many of which are big multinational enterprises and Fortune 500 enterprises.

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