Ikuo Tsuyuki

Senior Counsel/
Professional fields
Technical fields
Education and experience
  • 1975 – Obtained a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from Tokyo University of Electric Engineering
  • 1975 – Joined Tokyo Shibaura Electric Company (now Toshiba) - Responsible for patents related to white goods such as refrigerator, microwave oven, air conditioner, washing machine)
  • 1996 – Promoted to Intellectual Property for Space Systems Division Manager
  • 1998 – Promoted to Intellectual Property for Appliances Division Manager
  • 2002 – Promoted to Toshiba Life Engineering Manager, responsible for general managers, technical managers, and intellectual property
  • 2003 – Assumed the post of head of Intellectual Property Department at Toshiba
  • 2003 - Appointed as Head of Japan Intellectual Property Association Research Department
  • 2007 – Appointed as Japan Intellectual Property Association Education Department
  • 2017 – Retired from Japan Intellectual Property Association
  • 2017 – Kanagawa Invention Society
  • 2017 – Joined Kangxin
  • 1990 – 1998 Japan Mechanical Engineering Refrigeration Intellectual Property Association Member
  • 1999 – 2002 Japan Mechanical Engineering Refrigeration Intellectual Property Association Vice President
  • 1999 – Appliance Products Council recycle Patent Committee Member
  • 2015 – Invention Promotion Association Member
Honors and awards
    Mr Tsuyuki has spoken at Kitami Institute of Technology, Kokushikan University, as well as in a seminar sponsored by Korea Institute of Financial Research in Seoul, WIPO Japan Foundation seminar, and Taiwan Patent Office seminar in Taipei.
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